Dr. Brent Mruz

Email: brent@silverrivercounseling.com

Clinical Focus: Couples & Relationships

“…I recommend Dr. Mruz and his team to someone who is growth oriented and ready to take on life. To whoever is reading this, know you’re not alone. The minute you allow yourself to be open to growth and meaningful change with Dr. Mruz’s input is the day you open up your chance at having the life you deserve and desire.”

- L.M.

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Clinical Specialties

Communication | Divorce | Intimacy | Marriage Counseling

Education & Licenses

  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • Psy.D. Clinical Psychology – Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • M.S. Clinical Psychology – Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Message from Brent

Many marriages and relationships go through difficult times, leaving couples feeling hopeless and alone. 

Whether it’s communication issues or your marriage is teetering on divorce, or there’s been infidelity in the relationship, all of these things can leave a couple feeling broken and stuck. 

I help couples get through the hard seasons of life. I provide couples with the tools they need to reconnect and restore lost trust and intimacy.

Because when couples are provided with the right resources to heal and thrive, they can grow as a healthy family.

Dr. Mruz is insightful, compassionate, and a skilled therapist. I feel able to meet life’s challenges with my partner and we will continue to place trust in Dr. Mruz going forward. Thank you for everything.”


Why The 5 Love Languages Won’t Fix Your Marriage

Just about everyone’s heard of the 5 Love Languages.  The book’s been out for over 25 years now, sold over 20 million copies, and has been translated into 50 languages. 

The premise of “figure out what your spouse’s love language is, and love them in that way” seems simple enough and straightforward.  But does it really work?

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4 Toxic Communication Patterns That Can Torpedo a Relationship

On one level, couples want to be heard and understood by one another when they communicate.  But on a more basic level, they only want one thing….to not feel alone at the end of the process. 

It is heartbreaking that we spend so much of our lives searching for someone to be with (and feel like our lives are made when we have the good fortune to find a wonderful partner) only to suffer the anguish of feeling alone in the world once again because our patterns of communication create that very outcome.

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