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Overcoming Infidelity In Your Relationship

Infidelity can cause deep emotional wounds, and dealing with the aftermath can feel impossible. But with the right approach, it is possible to work through the pain and rebuild your relationship.

Hi, I’m Alan Hickey, therapist at Silver River Counseling, and in this article, I will discuss 2 steps needed to help couples move forward after the impact of an affair.

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Explore the Root Cause of the Affair


Infidelity is a complex issue that can arise due to various underlying problems in an individual and relationship. It’s true that lack of communication, unfulfilled emotional needs, resentment, childhood trauma, or differences in sexual drive can all be factors, but there are other issues that need to be explored.

For example, a partner may feel neglected or unappreciated, leading them to seek validation and attention elsewhere. Alternatively, they may be struggling with their own personal issues such as depression or anxiety, which can make it difficult for them to remain faithful.

It’s also worth noting that infidelity doesn’t always occur as a result of problems within a relationship; sometimes external factors such as opportunity or temptation can play a role as well.

It’s important to address the root causes of infidelity and work together towards building a strong, healthy relationship, rather than simply assuming that it’s solely a result of one or two specific issues, or only one partner is responsible. A trained therapist can help uncover those root causes.

Begin the Process of Rebuilding Trust


Rebuilding trust after infidelity can be a difficult and emotionally challenging process for both partners. It’s important to approach this process with patience, kindness, and empathy.

One of the most important things to focus on during this time is safety. One way to create safety is to keep the lines of communication open and to be transparent and honest about your actions, feelings, and thoughts while being receptive to your partner’s experience.

This can help to rebuild trust and create a foundation of felt safety in your relationship.

Infidelity can be devastating for a marriage, but there is hope. Healing doesn’t come quickly, but there are some small steps to begin building trust again.

If you need support as an individual or as a couple to work through this difficult time, please reach out to us at Silver River Counseling and schedule an appointment today.